Ring sizing:

  • Standard US/CA ring sizing.
  • If you aren’t sure about your size, feel free to contact us or find tutorials on YouTube on measuring your ring size.
  • If your size isn't available in certain rings, check out other similar rings on Labelstom that might have your size.

Bracelet sizing:

  • Bracelets fits best when the length of the bracelet is 0.5-1.5" longer than the circumference of your wrist, depending on the thickness of the chain itself. A bracelet that is too tight will be uncomfortable and difficult to put on. A bracelet that's too loose won't look good. A more precise recommendation of the bracelet size is written on the description of every product.
  • If you don't know the circumference of your wrist, you can simply measure that with a tape measure, wrapping it on the smallest part of your wrist.

Necklace sizing:

  • Necklace sizing is mostly preference. You can base it off an existing necklace you have. There are also images online that shows you where different lengths of necklaces will look like.

Feel free to contact us if you still need help! We are happy to help!